Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Hey amazing people! 
This is my very first blog post for this blog and I just want to open up with an inspiring poem that I found and love because it is filled with positive vibes and talks about life in general which is amazing. 

Life is something we all share,
Just like oxygen, in the air.
The way we live it, is up to us,
With a negative or with a plus.

Life is something, we should cherish,
We never know, when we'll perish.  
Live each and every single day,
Smell the flowers, stop and play.

Life is something, we've been blessed,
Choice is yours, choose your quest.
Follow your passions, and you'll be fine,
With the right attitude, you will shine.
 -Martin Dejnicki



  1. Lovely poem! I've only just ran across your blog a few minutes ago, but I find your style quite interesting! Colorful, fun, thoughtful. Your background image goes incredibly well with your welcome message!

    All the best,

    Edge of Night

    1. Thank you so much Eve, it's really kind of you. I am glad you like the style.


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