Wednesday, April 22, 2015

How to have a good day?

There is absolutely no one who wants a bad day. NO ONE. Everyone wants to have a good day and enjoy their moments. Well what if I tell you that there isn't much effort to make to have one? Just follow the steps below & you'll smile throughout the whole day. :) 

When you wake up, drink some water. Why? Because water makes you feel a lot better and it's good to stay hydrated. Drink as much as water you want. It will only keep you more healthy.

Don't forget to have a breakfast. Remember, it's the most important meal of the day!


Smile. Believe it or not, smiling changes A LOT of things. Smiling gives you a positive push to start your day well and end it with satisfaction. Give a stranger your smile and you never know how that could affect that person positively.

During the day, exercise for about 10 minutes at least. It will motivate you and keep you fit at the same time. You might have already hear about it but Sparkpeople is really helpful to keep you motivated.There are plenty of workouts and tips to guide you in case you need it. Oh and they have lots of challenges too. 10 pushups a day keeps the doctor away! Eat better. Look better. Feel better. Those are their words.

Be kind and respect others. What will you get by disrespecting others? Nothing. But respect others and others will respect you. See this time you get something. Respect.

Don't be alone. Call your friends or chat with them online. Sometimes, they might be busy or you can be too but always keep some time for your friends. Just five minutes of talking/chatting  can make their day go better and yours too.

Get out of your routine day. You don't need to do the same thing everyday. Wake up, brush, shower, breakfast, go to work, come home, study then eat and sleep. Why don't you take a ride outside with your bicycle or car. You don't have a car? Even better. Take a walk outside.

Finally, be positive. Turn the negative to positive. 
And with that, Have a good day! :) ~ keep smiling always.


  1. Yes, yes, and yes. Smiling does wonders! And it can be quite contagious at times. :) Always try your best to be positive and kind, and I agree that doing the exact same things every single day gets old. Change it up!

    1. I know right! :D That's the message I want to send to everyone who reads this. Thank you so much for commenting Eve and sorry for the late reply. :)


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