Sunday, May 3, 2015

There is nothing and there is nowhere...

From time to time, I like to read a few poems online. They are all amazing and meaningful but some are more emotional and eloquent than others. So here is one of those many poems I enjoyed reading 
by Dorsey Baker.

There is
Nothing and there is
A big valley
Of darkness and despair

There is
Courage and there is
In between there is
No cloudy or clear

A face that is
Beautiful or
Simple and plain
Looks for a
Hiding place within the rain

A mountain so tall
It seems to touch the sky
Just as a mass of
Clouds appear in the eagles' eye

No fires are burning
Where rivers run
And the rise of early morning
Can't escape the sun

Dorsey Baker

You have a poem I could enjoy reading? Send it to me at I would love to read it. :)


  1. Cool poem! Where online do you go to read poems? Have you ever thought to perhaps put a tab on the top taking in poem entries that your reader wrote? That would be awesome! LoL! Thanks for the post and as always very inspirational!

    1. Haha thanks! I don't write poems myself or anything so that is why I always go online to read some inspirational writings. Weather they are poems, quotes or other beautiful sayings. For poems, there is this specific site where they are lots of inspiring poems and it all started by a wonderful story. A husband wrote a poem for her beloved wife and since then he post them on that site. That's where I get them :) Ouuh that's a great idea. But I am not sure if there is much people who would actually like to participate in that. Or else I would surely do that. ( In fact, I was thinking about doing something like that but I am not sure). Thank you so much for your suggestions Lacey! ^.^


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