Thursday, June 4, 2015

The piece of art.

This is a beautiful poem written by Martin. He is an amazing poet. You could check out his website at for more. I picked up this one because I find it very inspiring and plus it has rhymes.
 Life is like a piece of art, It requires lots of heart.
Choose your paint and your brush,
Take your time, avoid the rush.
Before you paint, choose your theme,
Don't be afraid, to follow your dream.
It's alright, to make a mistake. Your painting is real, it's not fake.
Look at your painting, don't be crying,
Begin again, keep on trying. Your painting is never fully complete,
Enjoy the process, make sure it's sweet.
 How did you find it? Do you have a poem you'd like to share with us? :)


  1. This is a lovely poem! I'm going to check out the rest of them :)
    I used to write poems myself, but it's been such a long time since I felt inspired to write something new. It's a shame really!

    Aeriko @

    1. It surely is :D Some poems are just too amazing :) And hey.. don't look for inspiration too far.. If you want to write a poem just sit down, take a paper and a pen and go for it! By your writing I can say you are a brilliant writer :D And if you do then i'd love to read them ^^

      Thank you Aeriko :)

    2. I've just nominated you for the Beautiful Bloggers Award :)

    3. Awww thank you so much Aeriko! :D It means a lot :D

  2. Oh, that is lovely and so true! Life is like a piece of art, indeed it is! And I love the rhymes and don't rush, keep on trying, its never fully completed... wow! I should have known that before and send to a friend, that when I lost very important people to me, wrote me an email saying "they lived enough". I thought at the time "what? Who can judge it?" She needs to read this poem! Thank you for that beautiful piece of art - a poem!

    1. Yes I love it too :D Both the writing and the theme are amazing :D Ohhh noo :0 that's traumatic! She really needs too ;o And Thank you so much for commenting Denise :)

  3. So awesome!! And the art work is great!!


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