Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Somewhere to write # 1

Heey lovely readers :D

Do you love to write as much as you love to read? Do you even love to read? If yes, then that's amazing :) If not well you should start reading more often and I am pretty sure you will love it afterwards ( ^^'). is a site where you can write about just anything and also be anonymous at the same time. But anyone could read what you wrote. You can share how you feel and inspire people or be completely random. That is up to you :D

"Have you ever found yourself frustrated, angry or madly missing someone you love? Do you feel hurt, happy or just need some space to vent?
Are you depressed, bored or feel your life is worthless? Then don’t hold back,
write what you feel, be it love, about friends, kids or family, work, or just about life.
This site is completely anonymous, so tell the world the way you feel, but please no spam. I feel …"
- Somewheretowrite
When I first went on that site, I really got inspired by so many people but mostly I wanted to help those in needs. But since its anonymous I have no clue who could that person be but there are always those comments sections where I write back to them hoping they will read my reply.
Today, someone just said something so simple and it really inspired me and I wanted to share it with you all.
About nothing and everything
Sometimes you just want to write. Some chill music playing in the background and you are feeling all inspired, although you don’t really have anything to write about. In these moments these sites are found and I just start writing. About nothing and everything but mainly nothing. And even then when there aren’t any rules I stop and think about what I write and begin to feel insecure. But just this once I decide that not everything has to be perfect and I continue typing. I think about how often words are written for essays, e-mails or any work related occasions. And how often people write just to write. I conclude that the first example is the one that is most common. And I discover that I am also guilty of this so I now think that it is time to break this tradition.
- Anonymous
My thoughts :
Why is it that this is so simply written but yet so meaningful? The person who wrote that is amazing. I think it is time for all of us to break the tradition and to write what we feel and express ourselves and not just when we need to. I also love the title :D Thank you for sharing this fella anonymous. :)

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  1. It is really amazing! A place to write meaningful or even not that deep things and to vent our feelings! I loved that, I may really use it! Because we do write for blogs and I tend to write a minimum amount of 4 to 6 lines, because I know people don;t read, don;t care, they want to see clothes, makeup and shoes, you know, things that are more important to some people than people's emotions. Sad as it is, it is that way, and I adapted myself to that, although I have lots to write and I love reading! I loved what you got, About Nothing and Everything, it's so nice! I really really enjoyed this tip, you are amazing!

    1. Aww thank you so much Denise. It's always lovely to have your beautiful and meaningful comments :D Yes I know exactly what you are talking about. That is so true. And I guess we all tend to adapt ourselves to the way everyone sees something. Although I really love how you write something amazing on your blog and then include all your beauty in the end :) But I am glad you loved it. I also write on that site. It is very inspiring. Thanks again beautiful. :)

  2. This is such a brilliant thing..All of us have so many things to say but do not know who would listen...Its always like- we write to impress people..In reality situation is not as shallow or as deep as it appears.. I will definitely use this platform..Thanks for sharing:)

    1. Ohh yeah! That's exactly what it is. But this should definitely change ;( And yaay that is awesome :D Thank you so much Purva :)


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