Monday, September 14, 2015

Somewhere to write #2

Hey lovely readers,
"Have you ever found yourself frustrated, angry or madly missing someone you love? Do you feel hurt, happy or just need some space to vent?
Are you depressed, bored or feel your life is worthless? Then don’t hold back,
write what you feel, be it love, about friends, kids or family, work, or just about life.
This site is completely anonymous, so tell the world the way you feel, but please no spam. I feel …"
- Somewheretowrite

I have already talked about this site that I have found in one of my previous posts. You can always check it out. ( The link is in the end of this post) Each week, I will be posting one of those inspiring thoughts that someone posted and share my comments on it :D

 On your own
 I’ve learned that no one would really care about you. You are supposed to be really independent, solve all problems on your own, hide your sorrows, face your fear, find your way out and not tell anyone about how perplexed you feel. If you tell others, most of them can’t help you, some of them feel happy that you’re in trouble, some are just indifferent. It’s just so easy to ignore a message or a call. Those who can help you are few, and they’d probably got burdened by you either practically or emotionally. So the conclusion is that you’ve got to handle every single problem yourself. All on your own. I used to feel sad about this. But I’ve come to realise that this is just like the fact that water turns into vapour when it reaches boiling point or it turns into ice when it hits zero degree. So it’s no surprise at all. It’s just plain fact. Nothing to feel sad about. You’ve just got to break your way through all on your own. A voice keep telling me so.

- Anonymous
My thoughts:

I don't know about you guys but I fully agree with that person. If people don't care about you then they just don't and when they do they would feel really sorry for you and some of them would feel bad for not being able to help you out. I wished I could have proved that person wrong but sadly, that is the truth. And I really liked the example of the fact that the person gave. It is really comprehensible. Thanks for sharing your thought!

Somewhere to write


  1. I would have some things to vent on Somewhere to write, but I feel no one will care anyway. I kind of agree with the person who wrote the paragraph you showed. True, many many people don't care, feel pestered if we try to share our thoughts, simply turn their back to you when you need, and feel glad that you have problems, this is really true. But there are some that are not this way. The key is to find these people. I know, for example, that I have some people on whom I can count unconditionally and they can count on me as well. As a rule, I always try to be there for everybody, to the point that I am taken for granted or even used. But helping people makes me feel good and I am happy when someone succeeds in any area! But... that's 0,001% of all - the rest of the world expects us to be super humans, doing all alone, all the time, at 100% efficiency and always always smiling not to bother anybody. I feel this way many times, too. Nevertheless... let's always hope for the best!

    1. Yes. That is absolutely true Denise. I agree with you and the person who wrote that. We need people on who we can fully trust and return the favor too. Yep. Let's hope for the best :D Hahaa thanks beautiful :)


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