Monday, January 25, 2016

Somewhere to write #4

Hey lovely readers,

"Have you ever found yourself frustrated, angry or madly missing someone you love? Do you feel hurt, happy or just need some space to vent?
Are you depressed, bored or feel your life is worthless? Then don’t hold back,
write what you feel, be it love, about friends, kids or family, work, or just about life.
This site is completely anonymous, so tell the world the way you feel, but please no spam. I feel …"
- Somewheretowrite

Somewhere to write is a place where you can share anything and it stays anonymous. You can always go check it out here. This week it's about someone who wants a change. I guess we can all say it is a good thing because a change for good won't hurt anyone.

The same

Everyone I meet are all the same. I’m tired of living with dull people. I want to meet someone with a beautiful mind, someone who reads books, someone interesting, someone intellectual, someone who sees the big picture, someone who listens to real music, someone who’s open-minded, someone with a liberal mind, someone who loves intellectual conversations and long debates, someone different.


My thoughts:
Because sometimes you do not need a friend who goes to party and get drunk every friday night. You want a friend that once in a while would spend their friday night at home cooking or watching a good funny movie or doing anything while being safe and sound. I understand what this person is trying to say and I guess we all do. Buddy, I hope that you find someone very intellectual and open minded. In fact, I hope that everyone has a friend like that who is really fun and smart at the same time. And I am really glad that you are one of those amazing people and that is why you are looking for someone like you.


  1. Oh, so true. I know I personally don't get along very well with the types of people who like to do all that partying and drinking. Everyone needs those laid-back, good and gentle friends.

    I've nominated you for the Infinity Dreams Award, Heena! :)

    1. Yeep. I agree with you Eve and same here. :D It is not that they are bad people or anything but sometimes it is too much. :)

      Awww thank you so much beautiful. You are so kind! If I get the chance to do it I will surely notify you. :D Thank you again Eve.

  2. I am back after some weeks on the road! I am so glad that I can write to you, but I see you haven't post in February! Hope you are fine!

    1. Yaaay! It is nice to see that you are back here. I am really glad too. :) Yeah hahaa I am all good. Thank you so much Denise :D

    2. Just passing to wish you a lovely weekend!

    3. Thank you Denise :D I wish you the same!


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