Tuesday, July 5, 2016

A little bit of colors in your life

Hey readers,
I hope you are all having an awesome day today. I am here to bring colors into your life :D I got some really beautiful quotes that is going to inspire you. Everyone needs motivation at some point in their lives and it's good to encourage people.

I am sure that you have already seen these quotes more than once and also read them a few times but now it's time for you to understand and value them. I just really love awesome quotes that we can all relate too. Enjoy! :)

This is my absolute favorite quote. You can see it sitting on the right sidebar of my blog. It basically says it all. If you ever accomplish anything small or big, just don't brag about it. Be proud of yourself because you believed in yourself and now others will too. There is a lot of people who likes to have all the attention for themselves. They love to show off everything. Whether it's about having a better grade than you or having a bigger house or a better life. It is not bad to show things off and specially when you appreciate the things you have that you are thankful for. But if you just want to buy a new house to show your old neighbor you are richer than there is no point to it. Don't try to get any attention just let the others do the talking while you focus on your goal.


This quote is simple and also very true. There is no mysterious meaning behind it. It is very clear. If you want to do something in life just go ahead and do it. Don't hesitate or else you will regret it and blame yourself for not doing whatever it is for the rest of your life. Take every chance you can and go for it! :)

PS: Once or twice a week I update my favorite bloggers list and I love how the list keeps growing. Whenever I meet amazing bloggers and love their content I decide to grab their button and share them on my list. I just really love to connect with other bloggers and share the blogging love. So if you want me to check out your blog just leave a link to your blog in the comment section or just contact me.Thank you! :)


  1. That's such a beautiful post, dear, as usual! No, I didn't know the first quote, but I can say it's perfect! I know some people who once were in a good financial situation and just thought of that, didn't take care of the soul. One in particular, with the small amount of money she gets, runs to buy a skirt or a pair of shoes, just to show to people on the blog, like New IN! To live a life that is not real. The competition in the world is absurd and I don't like when people brag. So I loved that, work in silence! Success will come, for sure! Amazing post, dear, really really amazing!

    1. Thank you so much Denise and yeah you are right! Some people do that and it's just ridiculous. I hate that too. There is really no point to it. Instead of showing off we should all learn to appreciate the things we have. Well, hopefully this changes. And again thanks a lot Denise. You are amazing! :)

    2. I don't know I started to receive some of your old posts in my inbox... but it's the second I receive in 2 days :) Hope it's all OK!


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