Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Fall in love with Bloglovin'

Hey awesome people,
I hope you are having an awesome week! Today I am going to talk about an amazing blogging tool that is, Bloglovin'. I am totally lovin' it! If you're a blogger and you don't use Bloglovin', you are missing out big time. Trust me, it is beneficial in EVERY way and not only for you but for your readers too. I honestly recommend this tool to every blogger.

Why you should use Bloglovin'?
  • It is FREE. (promotes your blog)
  • You can keep up your readings from other blogs
  • Your readers can keep up with your blog posts ( they can "love", share or save it and read it later)
  • You can follow your favorite blogs and people will follow your blog(s) too
  • Other bloggers can find your blog 
  • Automatically displays your new posts on your profile ( I was fascinated by that :P )
  • Gives you your blog analytics
  • You can create groups and manage the blogs you follow
  •  It keeps everything organized (You can choose to sort your readings by date (newest to the oldest)) 
  • You get notified each time someone follows you or your blog(s) (depends on your notifications preference)

These past few days/weeks I've fallen behind my readings because of the reality world but I will definitely catch it all up! There are some bloggers who just knows how to attract you with beautiful images and unique titles and without even reading the beginning of their posts, I directly save them to read later. I mostly use Bloglovin' when it comes to reading new blog posts posted by the ones I follow or new bloggers that I find interesting but I do know some bloggers who do not use Bloglovin' and therefore I follow them directly by email. I also have a reading list on blogger which adds up every time I follow a blog and it keeps me updated with new posts.

If you are interesting and want to know more just head over at Bloglovin'.
Create your account, claim your blog & fall in love ;D

How to set up Bloglovin' & claim your blog: The Blog Planner
Click on that blog and she will give you a great guide with pictures and details on how to to get started with Bloglovin'.

You can always follow me by clicking here or by clicking on the follow me on Bloglovin' button right under "To find your way,"on the right-side bar of this blog where you can find my other social accounts. (Both leads you to my blog on Bloglovin')


  1. I'm on Bloglovin' too, although I haven't been using it very often. I have the app on my phone. I mostly read posts on twitter though! But if I'm really bored, I open the bloglovin' app and scroll through it :)
    followed you on bloglov' btw!

    1. That is awesome! Yeah, each person has their own preference on reading posts but yeah it is nice that you have the app and use it when you want :)

      I am glad you did! Thank you. I followed you too :D

  2. Hello, dear friend! Yes, you are so right, Bloglovin is great! I shared that I read blogs that I receive through bloglovin and these are the ones I comment first. Bloglovin tends to deliver the posts one day later, however. I don't know why but it's OK. The bloggers that don't have Bloglovin I have a chart in alphabetical order, to read their blogs once a week. You see, it's much more work, if they only knew how much simpler their lives would be with Bloglovin, I bet they would enroll! Hope you have a great weekend!

    1. Hahaha Yeah Denise but you know some bloggers might not be aware of it or are simply not interested in it. But that's totally fine because we can still follow them and read their blog posts with the Blogger reading list or by email. :D An alphabetical chart of bloggers is an amazing idea! :)

  3. Hi lady :) I know this is unrelated to Bloglovin', but I remember you always know where to find the most adorable school supplies and other cute office stuff, so when I came across this on Buzzfeed, I thought of you immediately! Hope you like them :D

    1. Hey you :D Hahahah omg you are so cuteee :) Thank youuu so much! I did check it out and I LOVEEE them :D But they are so expensive :0 Haaha but it is all so adorable! You are so sweet to send this to me omg, I love you ;P

  4. Thanks so much! I just signed up and I really love it, I can't believe I didn't find this earlier >->

    1. Hahaa I am so glad you did! :D I had that same reaction when I first used Bloglovin' :) This is awesome Weronika.

  5. New to blogger love it! Its a great outlet and de-stressor.

    1. Yes it totally is. Welcome to the blogosphere Sibby! :)


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