Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Who is the real Champion?

Is it only the person who won first place in any competition who is a Champion? And what about all of the other people who tried their best? And what about the people who did not give up? And also what about those who took the decision to participate in a competition?

I believe that a REAL champion is one who has ambition. When you make a plan and stick to it until you achieve what you want is what I call being a real champion. This is where motivational quotes  are saying it all.

"Good things come to those who work hard"

"Nothing worth having comes easy"

And of course there is much more inspiring quotes but you get the point. It is easy to get lucky when trying to do something for the first time but you only know the real value of passing something when you actually work hard for it!

Don't let luck be the answer of the question "how did you do it?".

So if you are one of those people who is willing to reach up the sky, remember that sky is the limit. Go and get it!

This was part of the daily prompt!
Word of the day: Champion


  1. So good you posted again and this time Bloglovin delivered it to me! I think that even if a person doesn't win a competition, it doesn't mean he or she is not a champion. Imagine the effort put on going to the competition, in preparing for that. I think that every effort is worth, it teaches us a lot and we are then champions! Hope you have a lovely weekend! Missed you!

    1. Ohh yaay! I am glad it did! :D Yes Denise, a true winner is one who never gives up! Awwe Denise I have missed you too. Have an amazing weekend too! :D


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